The Practitioners

The practitioners and lecturers that we are affiliated with are professional and well known i​n our community, nationally and  internationally. Here are just some of them:

Holistic Health, Spiritual Growth, Meditation, Psychic Development

The Association for Research & Enlightenment

Malcolm Smith's incredible healing gifts have relieved pain, suffering and disease for thousands of people. Known as “an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift”.  A native of Yorkshire, England, Malcolm's unique gift has restored sight and hearing, cured cancers and other debilitating diseases. The list of problems presented to Malcolm includes virtually every physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition a person could suffer. 

Dianne Reddington  Aura Phototgraphy : Dianne is a biofeedback energy consultant. You can't see it now, but when you do, you will begin to appreciate the profound and unique splendor of your own energy from your own aura photo.
What is Aura Photography? Aura photography is a high tech bio-feedback imaging camera that takes a Polaroid photo of your dynamic electromagnetic field.   It captures your individual vibrations which fluctuate at different frequencies.  The sensors in the camera count these vibrations and then translate them into color.   It has been scientifically proven that each chakra has its own vibrations and its own specific color.   Aura photography, for the first time, has made it possible to display the energy fields (chakras) in brilliant color.

Audrey Vercillio  Massage Therapist & Reflexology  Audrey is an A.R.E. Life member, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. Audrey has been practicing reflexology for 38 years, massage therapist for 18 years and has studied the Cayce readings for 40 years. Audrey is also trained in Reiki, Myofascial Release Deep Tissue Massage, Herbal Body Wrap, Cranial Sacral Work and Ear
Coning. Audrey offers reflexology and ear coning through the Edgar Cayce Holistic Center in Des Plaines and individual appointments can be made. To schedule an appointment with Audrey Vercillo, please contact her directly at 847-212-0493. During the Holistic Fairs, Audrey provides 30-minute chair massages. Take a seat and relax with a massage from Audrey!

Gwen Rubis Akashic Record Readings & Energy Healing Gwen has over 12+ years of experience. She has extensive training in energy healing which includes being a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®, A.R.C.H® healing, Reference Point Therapy, and a graduate of the EnergyTouch®School of Advanced Healing. Gwen has also trained in the Pathway Prayer Process into the Heart of the Akashic Records. In a session Gwen begins with the client’s questions, she then accesses the client’s akashic records and connects to their Higher Self and Guardian Angel asking to help the client, in whatever way is for their highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to them and in a way that they can easily accommodate. This help may come in the form of: A past life healing, cellular memory release and healing related to trauma that occurred in this life time, or working with the client to activate, clear, charge, and ground their energy field. Gwen can be reached at 630-667-9669 or via email

Philip Clark, LSC, RMT, TRM: Numerology & Transformational Tarot Card Readings Philip Clark is a practicing Numerologist with over 33 years of experience. Through his company MediNumerics, Philip has developed a creative process that assists individuals and businesses in identifying and removing those traits and habits that stop them from achieving their maximum potential. This process, combined with the Transformational Tarot, opens the door and guides one to move toward "Being All You Can Be!"  Yes it is possible, but "It Is An Inside Job!" For more information visit Philip’s website at

​Linda Maratea Energy Work, Auric Cleansing Linda is a clairvoyant energy healer, who uses her training and skills to ascertain where blockages are in the body via energy constriction, usually represented by emotions. She also has the ability to read what is in your heart and what you need to know, via pictures and guidance given by her guides. A session will enable you to see clearly how emotions are causing blockages in your auric field and how your desires are interacting with those emotions. Through breath work and the healer's guidance, clients can release emotions or words that are causing congestion in their auric field.

Elizabeth Romo Medium and Clairvoyant, Past Life Regressor, Energy Sessions. An Intuitive since childhood, a Spiritual Teacher since 1993, Elizabeth works with your High Self, angels and guides to assist you in learning about spirit and to help you develop a clearer connection to your soul, by working to facilitate healing and balance of your physical body, mind and spirit. Personal Intuitive Readings, Messages from Spirit, Past Life Regressions, Life Between Lives Spiritual Regressions and Energy sessions all work harmoniously to promote your spiritual and physical well- being. Elizabeth is an Ordained Minister, Medium and Clairvoyant, Past Life regressor trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, Life Between Lives Regressor trained by The Newton Institute, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, QuantumTouch practitioner, EFT Facilitator. Elizabeth’s website is . She may also be reached by email at or 847-540-6977

Emily Kayaloglou  I believe everyone's birthright is to experience love, peace, harmony and joy into their lives. I work diligently with respect and love to solve, release, heal and bring awareness to any block, problem, issue you may encounter in your life which blocks your highest good and happiness. I am solution oriented and I offer my services in all areas of your life such as personal, relationships, health, wealth, work and business. In addition, I do energy clearing of your house, work and business.
I have certifications to the following: Spiritual Response Therapy Teacher, Spiritual Restructuring Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Hypnosis Training, Evolutionary Shamanism, Christian Minister.

Kara Rojek is all about animal communication she's a Reiki Master Teacher and a Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner certified through Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. She also practices the Akashic Records, is an Access Bars(tm) Facilitator, and designs Gemstone Jewelry.  You can reach  her at

Petra has spent her lifetime travelling throughout the world studying with a wide variety of Shamans, Healers and Doctors. Combining the wisdom of all these healing modalities she now assists others with understanding how to connect with and release the negative sub-conscious conditionings that keep us from healing both the physical and emotional issues we experience. Along with the Art of Non-attachment and the Breath of Life Petra uses the awesome vibrational healing power of the gong to assist you with letting go of these negative muscle memories and thought patterns. The gong is one of the most powerful vibrational tools we have, it vibrates at the same frequencies as the body allowing the body to heal itself. 

My personal Mission Statement is “To Learn, Heal, and Grow Spiritually and help others to do the same” according to their own personal paths. Soul Wisdom located in Des Plaines, IL., I have15 years training and experience. Participating member of Camp Chesterfield the home of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists, located in Chesterfield, Indiana.  I have assisted people from all walks of life. People who are seeking practical guidance and tools for their daily lives; who want to connect with their soul purpose and personal divinity; who desire spiritual mentoring, enrichment and individual resource.
Modalities include a blend of Angel Cards, Runes Stones, Destiny Cards, Channel Automatic Writing, spiritual mentoring, enrichment and individual resource.

Janel Watschke Crystals and Gemstones Crystals and Gemstones have a natural attraction that makes us want to connect with them and know more about them.If you need more energy or need to reduce stress, relax and sleep better, there are crystals and gemstones with properties which can assist you. Whether you are interested in learning what they are all about or want to feel the experience of crystal energy during private crystal layout, please reach me at

​Maureen Undine Energy Touch
As a certified EnergyTouch® healer and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist, I create a safe place for my client to work on their spiritual, physical and psychological health. This occurs by working directly from my connection to divine guidance while grounding in Universal and earth energy.  As a life long teacher of wellness, I facilitate my clients’ healings by assisting them in opening up to the white light of love and healing through the combination of EnergyTouch® healings and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® sessions.
For further information: or contact me at
At the Holistic Fair, you will have a choice of an:
●  EnergyTouch healing session to clear and repair your energy levels to promote health.
●  Hypnotherapy empty chair clearing that will allow you to take a look at a situation in your life that is causing you discomfort/anxiety.

Richard Popp   Energy Touch Richard Popp is a Certified Energy Healer and Teacher. He has been doing healing work since 1994. He is a Licensed Minister and the founder and director of The Spiritual Awareness and Healing Institute: Richard is also a Certified CranioSacral Therapist and Bodyworker: Before doing healing work Richard was a computer programmer and analyst for 17 years.

Claire Boye-Doe is a Natural Health Practitioner who specializes in Nutrition
Response Testing(SM) and is also a medical intuitive.   She builds customized full health recovery programs using all-natural whole food nutrition, homeopathics, and herbs which capitalize upon the body’s natural ability to heal itself, if provided the correct support.  These nutrition programs address the root cause of issues such as: *digestive upset  *allergies/food sensitivities, *skin conditions, *anxiety, inability to focus, and more. 
For more details are available at  and she can also be contacted directly at: Remember, full physical health is the best health insurance there is.

  Lin Boffeli In 1972, Lin began studying astrology and in 1988, she started providing professional astrology readings for others.  Since 1993, she has taught astrology in a variety of settings. Also in 1993 Lin became certified in hypnosis and began a practice.  In 1994, as a result of completing workshops with Alma Daniel, author of a New York Times best-selling book   “Ask Your Angels”,   Lin began leading Angel Workshops.  Lin completed a certification course in aromatherapy and reached Reiki Mastership in 2001.  In addition, Lin completed intuition training with Sonia Choquette , author of many books on intuition in 2003.