6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Books and Products
We are open if you need to browse and/or purchase any of the books or products available.
Circulating Files
The Circulating Files are a compilation of information channeled by Edgar Cayce organized by topic.  Feel free to come and research the channeled information on many health and wellness topics.  You can come to the A.R.E. Center and read the circulating files in the fellowship hall, just like a library.  We are grateful to have this wonderful resource available.  No charge.  Bring paper and pen to write any notes you may need.
Silent meditation starting at 6:30 p.m.  Brief guided meditation at 7:30 p.m. followed by silent meditation until 9:00 p.m.
Practitioners Available
Looking for more clarity in your life.  Need some energy healing.  We will have one reader and one energy practitioner available on the First Monday of every month.  Call ahead to make a reservation or just drop in and sign up.  First come, first served.  Most practitioners priced the same as the Holistic Fair: 
$35 for 25 minutes or $70 per hour.

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
2/1/18,  2/15/18,  3/1/18,  3/15/18,  3/29/18 and so on...
Join us for an open discussion of Spirituality based on the readings from Edgar Cayce. 

·      Find your inner joy and inner peace

·      Learn to love and appreciate your life

·      Find out how to work with Spirit

·      Spend some time with like-minded people

FREE – donations greatly appreciated

April 2:
1st Monday of the Month (Bookstore, meditation, Healing practitioner(Carlos/Dianne) and intuitive reader Andre? other?)

April 7:
Peter Woodbury Conference 

April 16:
Astrology with Lin Boffeli  (2nd of 4 part course)

April 27
: Free Community Event:  Exploring Full Moon Traditions

May 7:
1st Monday of the Month (Bookstore, meditation, Healing practitioner and intuitive reader TBD)

May 16: Free Community Event  (Castor Oil Packs) corrected date and topic after discussing with Audrey

May 21st: 
Astrology with Lin Boffeli  (3rd of 4 part course)

June 2:
Holistic Fair

June  4:
1st Monday of the Month (Bookstore, meditation, Healing practitioner and intuitive reader TBD)

June 18:
Astrology with Lin Boffeli  (4th of 4 part course)

June 29:
Free Community Event  - Essential Oils 

July 2:
 1st Monday of the Month (Bookstore, meditation, Healing practitioner and intuitive reader TBD)

August 4th:
 Holistic Fair

August 6th:
1st Monday of the Month (Bookstore, meditation, Healing practitioner and intuitive reader TBD

Sept 10th:
1st Monday of the Month (Bookstore, meditation, Healing practitioner and intuitive reader TBD

October 1st:
1st Monday of the Month (Bookstore, meditation, Healing practitioner and intuitive reader TBD       

October13: Kevin Todeschi  
Nov 3rd:
Holiday Holistic Fair

Nov 5th:
1st Monday of the Month (Bookstore, meditation, Healing practitioner and intuitive reader TBD



For additional information, visit our website:



Previous Events

FRIDAY, JUNE 2   7:00 to 9:00pm
THE POWER OF CASTOR OIL:  How to Make a Castor Oil Pack
with Audrey Vercillo
Join us for a practical “how-to” by A.R.E.  life member Audrey Vercillo, aka “The Castor Oil Lady,” who will teach and demonstrate external applications of Castor Oil, recommended in hundreds of readings by Edgar Cayce.According to the Cayce readings, Castor Oil, called Palma Christi (“the palm of Christ”) is important for the balancing of the entire body system.  It helps restore proper elimination, reduces inflammation, and is a remedy with broad curative powers.  For this workshop, our bookstore will be stocked with Castor Oil and related products so you can apply these remedies at home and see the beneficial results.  Audrey has studied the Cayce readings for almost 40 years.  She has come to realize how important his remedies are, most importantly the castor oil and the castor oil packs.  She will share all the different ways to use this method to help make your life pain free.  She has also used some of the other remedies and will share them with you also, such as the charred oak keg for emphysema and the atomadine for growing hair. 
Tuition:  $25, $20 for A.R.E.  members.

SATURDAY, JUNE 3    10am to 5:00pm
with Richard Popp, Melissa Sonido and Janel
Shaman Melissa Sonido will deliver the opening and closing presentations.  Richard Popp will offer a two-hour presentation on Nature Spirits, Elementals and Nature Healing in the morning.  Edgar Cayce grew up playing with Nature Spirits as a child and gave some Readings about them as an adult Rich’s workshop talks about the different Nature Spirits and Elementals along with the current science on the healing qualities of Nature.  In the 2-hour afternoon presentation, Janel will discuss the crystal connection with Nature.  Private sessions with the presenters will be available during the lunch break and at the end of the day. 
Tuition is $55, $50 for A.R.E. members.  Private sessions are $35 for 25 minutes.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17    11:00am to 6:00pm
SOUND HEALING 101:  Vibrational Frequency Attunements, Energy Activation and the Healing Power of Sound and Frequency Vibration
with Steven Hanauer
Sound is held as being the most sacred system in the ancient spiritual and healing traditions.  Sacred Sound has been known throughout time and across many cultures by many names such as The Divine Word, Transcendental Sound, Soundless Sound, Inaudible Sound, Aum/ Om, the Divine Sound Current and the Music of the Spheres.  Sacred Sound is the direct emanation of Divine Primordial Vibration from the Divine Presence of God.  It is omnipresent and permeates everything in all dimensions of creation and the universe.  One of the key factors in sound healing is to restore any blocked or missing frequencies within our physical and non-physical bodies for optimal healing, health and wellbeing.  Sound penetrates and facilitates restorative healing simultaneously on all dimensional levels of the self and reality – the mental body, emotional body, etheric energy body and physical body.This is a unique opportunity to directly explore and experience the profound effects of a variety of sound healing instruments, methodologies and techniques including:

Chakra energy center activation and clearing of negative emotions and energies
Solfeggio frequency healing with the ancient Solfeggio tuning forks
Vocal toning, tuning forks, Tibetan singing bells and bowl used for clearing energy blockages in the Mental Body, Emotional Body, Etheric Energy Body, Physical Body, Aura Field and Heart Field
Restoring and healing the missing frequencies in your voice and aura

Tuition $65, $55 for A.R.E.  members. 

 SUNDAY, JUNE 18  By appointment between 2:00 and 6:00pm
with Steven Hanauer
Private sessions available for in-depth healing and heart awakening work including healing the hurt and fears of your inner child and generating coherent healing heart states.  Topics can include learning to develop greater self-acceptance and self-love, deepen your heart connection with others and following the wisdom of your heart’s inner guidance for greaters piritual growth, happiness and fulfillment in your life.  To schedule a session, send an email to Janel at [] or leave a phone message at 847‑299‑6535, and she will get back to you.  $70.00 per hour.

SUNDAY, JUNE 18     2:00 to 4:00pm
with Rosita Rodriguez, PsyD, ABD
A continuing series on meditation as outlined in the May 21st listing.
Tuition:  $25/$20 for A.R.E.  members

SUNDAY, JUNE 25   2:00 to 4:00pm
with Janel
Janel will assist you in choosing crystals that help to balance your chakras, clear energetic blocks, help with meditation, and help you to connect with your higher self, angels and guides. 
Tuition:  $25/$20 for A.R.E.  members

TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURS.  JUNE 27, 28, 29   By Appointment
Malcolm considers himself an ordinary person with an extraordinary gift – the ability to be a channel for healing energy from God.  For more than 35 years, he has used his gift to relive the pain, disease and suffering for thousands.  The list of problems presented to Malcolm includes virtually every physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition a person could suffer.   Malcolm provides individual healing sessions which are 30 minutes long and cost $90.  In‑person sessions run from 9 am to 6 pm, and there are a limited number of remote sessions available as well, if you are unable to get to the Center.  To schedule a session, send an email to Julie at or leave a phone message at 847‑299‑6535, and she will get back to you promptly.  For more information about Malcolm and how he works along with many testimonials from people he has helped, please see his website:’s additional dates for 2017 are:  September 5-7, and November 14-16.

SATURDAY, JULY 15, 2017 11 - 6 PM
: with Steven Hanauer
Utilizing Spiritual Dowsing Templates and Vibrational Frequency Signatures for Emotional and Mental Vibrational Healing, Connecting With Your Higher Self.  Spiritual Enlightenment and Divine Self-Realization

In essence, we are who we accept and allow our self to be; that is, the person we have allowed our self to become in life as determined by the conscious, subconscious and supra-conscious levels within us.  We are a spiritual being, with most of our limitations originating in our own consciousness – limitations we have either both accepted and placed on ourselves, or have allowed to be placed upon us; whether consciously or subconsciously. 

We can consciously choose to change and overcome the limitations of our consciousness; by identifying, clearing and healing the hidden blockages, imbalances and negative energies held in our emotional and mental bodies.  We can remove the hidden emotional, mental and psychological impediments to our psychological happiness, fulfillment, health and well-being.  We can then spiritually empower ourselves by consciously attuning and aligning with the higher frequency energies of our higher self.

Our mind, consciousness, thoughts, feelings and emotions directly influence and affect the health of our physical bodies and our emotional and psychological well-being.  Accurately identifying and clearing the specific thoughts, emotions and feelings that are creating “psychic knots” and blockages at both the conscious and subconscious mind levels is the essence of multi-dimensional soul healing and developing true self-empowerment.

We are much more than a mere thought-form in our consciousness – we are much more than our thoughts, beliefs, programming, repetitive life-patterns, feelings, emotional reactions, our perceptions and negative judgments, even our self-concept and our ego self.  Often, we readily get caught, stuck and bound in faulty subconscious assumptions and premises about who and what we are and our relation to others, life and reality, which can impede our soul growth and spiritual development. 

Most of this workshop will be experiential and practical soul healing work as we utilizing spiritual dowsing templates and vibrational frequency signatures through pendulum dowsing for identifying and clearing blockages and past karma from the emotional and mental soul-bodies including:

Life-Clearing Emotional and Belief Work - consciously identifying, dismantling, releasing and overcoming unresolved and unhealed emotional, mental and psychological issues; limiting, negative and obsolete subconscious belief systems; toxic or conflictive beliefs; fears; trauma and abuse issues; negative programming and dysfunctional habitual life patterns; unresolved issues from past lives, etc.
Transforming self-rejection, self-hatred and condemnation, self-judgment and limiting self-inhibition into healthy self-acceptance, self-love and self-allowance; in order to break free of our self-imposed, limiting beliefs and programming that are confining us in a self-created prison; which is holding us back and keeping us stuck in our lives
Overcoming common impediments to our spiritual progress, including anger and rage, bitterness and resentment, fears, attachments, negativity, guilt and shame, negative self evaluations and harsh self-criticism leading to negative self-judgment and perpetual self-condemnation, self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, feelings of despair and hopelessness, helplessness and powerlessness, feelings of unworthiness and self-blame, etc.
Inner Life-Alignment Work – including consciously aligning and attuning to our soul and higher self

Tuition:  $65/$55 for A.R.E.  members

SATURDAY, JULY 22, 2017  Noon – 4:00 pm

Past Life Clues to Current Life Maladies
with Joanne DiMaggio, MA, Cht
Are physical and mental illnesses the result of karma acquired in a past life, and if so, does uncovering that lifetime lead to healing?  According to the yearlong research project conducted by author and past life specialist, Joanne DiMaggio, the answer is yes!

This experiential workshop is designed to enable individuals to determine whether their chronic physical and mental illnesses are the result of karma acquired in a past-life, and if so, how past-life regression and soul writing can assist in the healing process.  The workshop includes:

An overview of Joanne’s research project working with over 50 volunteers suffering from such chronic conditions as arthritis; liver and kidney disease; weight and digestive concerns; diabetes; heart disease; sexual dysfunction; alcohol and drug addictions; foot/leg/back pain; mental disorders and head pain.

Insights from the Edgar Cayce readings on physical karma.
A body-scan to identify any discomfort, sensitivity or birthmarks that may be clues to a prior life injury or trauma.
A past-life regression to identify the origin of your chronic condition.
A brief description of the process of soul writing.
A soul-writing session to go deeper into the source of the condition uncovered during the regression and provide an outlet for forgiveness and healing.

Sharing and Q&A sessions included.

An inspired writer, lecturer and teacher, Joanne DiMaggio is a native Chicagoan who has been actively involved with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) since 1987 and, under Toni Romano, was on the core team that founded the A.R.E. Heartland Region.  She earned her Masters in Transpersonal Studies degree and her Spiritual Mentor certification through Atlantic University and is a graduate of the Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy.  She has been professionally pursuing past-life research and therapy for nearly 30 years, and was the director of PLEXUS, a past-life research organization she founded when she lived in Naperville.  Joanne has been a guest speaker at many A.R.E. Conferences in Virginia Beach and for the A.R.E. and other esoteric organizations throughout the country.  She is the author of numerous articles in Venture Inward and other magazines, and has been interviewed on over 50 radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM and the Shirley MacLaine Show.  Her books include:  Karma Can Be a Real Pain: Past Life Clues to Current Life Maladies; Soul Writing: Conversing With Your Higher Self, and Your Soul Remembers:  Accessing Your Past Lives Through Soul Writing.  She is currently finishing work on her next book, Precious Boy:  Edgar Cayce and the Karmic Journey of Thomas Jefferson Davis.  Joanne lives outside of Charlottesville, Virginia and maintains an office at the Unity Holistic Healing Center, a service of Unity of Charlottesville. 
More at
Tuition:  $45/$40 for A.R.E.  members

JULY 23-27, 2017   By Appointment Only
Transform Your Life by Uncovering Your Past Lives
with Joanne DiMaggio
Joanne’s transformative lectures and workshops have made a real difference in people’s lives.  Private past-life regression or soul writing sessions are available. 
A 2 hour private session is available for $150.

What does the eclipse on August 21, 2017 mean to you?  An eclipse has not had this impact on the United States since 1918.
This is the last time an eclipse journeyed across all of the United States.  This will be powerful for us as a nation and could be powerful for you personally.  Find out what it could mean for you and what it could mean for our country.  Your date, time and location of birth is required so that you can see what areas of life could change over the next 6 weeks and even 6 months.
Time:  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Cost:  30.00

Lecture on Saturday, August 12, 2017 12-5pm
Dr. Kolodziej lectures on Underground Cures 

Searching the World For Remedies That Work!  Dr. K (Leon Kolodziej), D.C., M.H., Ph.D, presents his Seminar series on Underground "Cures They don't Want you to know about" from around the world.  New natural ways to help your chronic conditions and problems.  Includes such topics as:  Kratom: Cure for Anxiety, Pain and Weight Loss?  The Mysterious Bark that destroys fungus and parasites, Iodine, why you need it and why you can't live without it, a non-invasive cancer test that's 98% accurate, Dr. Willard's mysterious water, Dissolving arterial blockage without surgery, the cloth that relieve arthritis and fibromyalgia, Natural Cancer treatments used throughout the world, stone oil, the ultimate cure?  The most useful Edgar Cayce Remedies and much more.  

$50.00, $40 ARE members. 

Some of the Topics will be:
 1)  Jatoba Bark:  The world's greatest parasite killer?
2)  Leaf Kratom: For Pain, Weight Loss and Anxiety.
3)  Kerosene: The Universal Healer?
4)  Iodine: Why you need it, and why you can’t live without it.
1)  How you can make a powerful Lugol's Iodine Solution at Home!
2)  Why People get hammer toes and how to avoid them.
3)  How the people of South East China avoid cancer.
4)  How to get rid of cataracts WITHOUT surgery.
5)  Destroy dangerous kidney stones with these herbs.
6)  The spray that relieves pain instantly.
7)  A cancer test that’s 98 % accurate and non-invasive.
8)  The Magic of Ayurvedic "TULSI" for anxiety, depression, cancer prevention and more!
9)  15 of the best Edgar Cayce Remedies I have used in my clinic for different conditions.
10) The cloth that relieves arthritis and fibromyalgia.
11) Dr. Willard’s Mysterious Water
12) The diet aid that suppresses appetite, gives you energy and helps you lose weight.
13) What is the extract that is 99% effective on skin cancer and lesions.
14) Live a disease free, cancer free long life by eating "The Mushroom of God?”
15) The strange enzyme that dissolves blood clots and works on all types of inflammation.
16) Can’t breathe? Two herbs work almost instantly on Asthma and Bronchitis.
17) Relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia with 4 natural herbs and an amino acid.
18) Desert Plants that moisturize your face and keeps it youthful.
19) The cure for most seasonal allergies?
20) What herb can be smoked like tobacco but is not tobacco.....but can help you stop smoking?
And many more available, depending on time left. Time will be left for questions.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26  2:00 to 4:00pm
with Janel

Would you like to create an energy space in your home that will help you center yourself and open to Divine guidance more quickly and easily.  Do you long to have a space that helps you raise your vibration and feel relaxed, calm and centered.  Would you like to be able to quickly and easily create a place to pray or meditate while out enjoying nature in your own backyard.  Join us for an informative class in creating sacred space. 
Tuition:  $25/$20 for A.R.E.  members 

Saturday, September 9th 10am - 5pm  
Soul Development – What are you doing to develop your soul awareness?
Presenter: David Birr     
Edgar Cayce said soul growth must take precedence over all things!
Discover your specific soul purpose and destiny. Understand the need for incarnation on earth in the process of soul growth.  Explore, in depth, specific Edgar Cayce suggestions for cultivating soul awareness which he has personally applied in his life. 

Bio David Birr at age 16 began spontaneously remembering past lives, meditating at 2am, doing an hour of yoga a day and joined an A.R.E. Search for God Study Group. He has participated in spiritual study groups for over forty years. He has been teaching and studying a wide variety of spiritual topics for over 45 years, including: astrology, spiritual awareness, intuition, meditation, dreams, reincarnation, soul growth, spiritual healing and the spiritual evolution of humanity. Dave is also the owner and president of his own energy and environmental engineering business which works on projects to improve and protect the environment.  
Chicago A.R.E. is proud to announce Victoria B. 
Victoria comes straight from A.R.E. Virginia Beach Spa and Health Center. 
Friday, September 15th 7-9pm
Exploring Elementals
Presenter: Victoria B. 

Introducing the two most referred to in Cayce reading: Lapis Lazuli and Pearls. Join us to learn the uses of elements to align ourselves with our higher ideals in accordance to body, mind and spirit.

Saturday, September 16th 10am -11:30am
Body Mudra 
Presenter: Victoria B. 
Exploring sound to facilitate vibrational awareness.
Awaken the energy potential through sound, breath and gentle movement.

Saturday, September 16th  Noon- 4pm
Well being through Cayce’s Remedies  
Presenter: Victoria B. 

Use and demonstrations with appliances applications
Violet Ray, Radiac, Wet Cell and how they restore the symphony of systems.

Sunday, September 17th  2pm -5pm
Cultivating the senses
Presenter: Victoria B

Developing ways of listening to our senses to enhance our abilities to assess and define the perimeters of our world.

Complete Body Healing Spa Sessions With Victoria B.
Don't have time or can't afford a trip to the A.R.E Health Center and Spa at Virginia Beach?
Well you are in luck because we are bringing it to you!

Monday, September 18th, 2017 through Friday, September 22nd, 2017 10am until 5pm daily
Location is in DesPlaines for her privates near Rand and Golf
She is certified and trained from the Cayce/Rilley School not only in massage but in other Cayce healing modalities as well. Victoria has been working there for over 10 years.
She is also certified in acupressure, myofacial, neuromuscular and holds 34 certificates in various modalities.
She does energy work, massage, cranial sacral, reflexology, castor oil packs and what ever she feels will bring ease to you during your session.
She is a true healer!  
Limited sessions available by appointment only 847-208-2192
$120 an hour cash or credit needed when scheduling
Appointments are from Monday the 18th through Friday the 22nd from 10am until 5pm daily
Location is in DesPlaines for her privates near Rand and Golf

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8   2:00 – 4:00pm
Meditation and Afternoon Tea on the Spiritual Path
with Chicago Area Team
If you have been meaning to take time for yourself, this is it.  Join us for afternoon tea with meditation and or sharing insights, openings, ideas, poems, reading passages from books etc.  Whatever you wish to share or not share and just enjoy the company of Peace, Joy, Love vibration raising, camaraderie, etc.  We will be sharing some of the insights and tips that have come to us from the workshops and sessions with Victoria B. from Virginia Beach and will include meditation, journaling, and other things you have been meaning to do for yourself to heighten your intuition and inner knowing. 
$25/20 for ARE members.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21   1:00 – 4:00pm
Walking Your Purpose – Shamanic Journey
with Melissa Sonido
In this 3 hr workshop, we will begin with an opening ceremony to connect ourselves with our guides, angels and masters.  We will then flow into a shamanic drum journey where we will step into other realms with the rhythm of the drum to receive messages, guidance and insights toward our purpose for now in the physical world.  We will gain greater clarity of what it means to walk in purpose, being of service to all humanity.  Then we will close in ceremony offering gratitude for all that we have received.
$45/40 for ARE members.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27  7:00 – 9:00pm
Walking Meditation
with Louise Habura
Have you ever wondered if there is another way to meditate than just sitting still?  Join Louise as she “walks” you through moving meditation theory and practice.
FREE Community Event.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10   7:00 – 9:00pm
with Joanne Roibu
If you would like more time to explore other aspects and ways to meditate, join us for this FREE Community Event where Joann will lead you through one or more beautiful guided meditations.  She will also be discussing some insights about meditation you might not know about.
FREE Community Event.


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Care for the Caregiver

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How to Make a Castor Oil Pack

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